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New Year's Eve Party (TBA)

17th Annual University Row at the Virginia Gold Cup (5/3/2015)

(Previously listed non-SCP events are deleted after they occur)

Day After Party (1/1/2004)
2003 New Year's Eve Party at the Renaissance Mayflower
Cocktails, Cigars, Martinis, and Ska 2003! (11/21/2003)
Day After Party (1/1/2003)

2002 New Year's Eve Party at the Willard
Cocktails, Cigars, Martinis, and Ska! (11/8/2002)
SCP-LLS Happy Hour at Riverside Grill (4/25/2002)
SCP-Hands On DC Happy Hour (3/21/2002)
SCP-DC Cares Happy Hour (2/7/2002)
Day After Party (1/1/2002)

2001 New Year's Eve Party at America
3 Days `Til Midnight Happy Hour (12/28/2001)
13 Days `Til Midnight Happy Hour (12/18/2001)
Pint Night at Rock Bottom with Society Ties (8/30/2001)
Day After Party (1/1/2001)

New Year's Eve 2000 Party Pictures
The Real Millennium Party: New Year's Eve 2000
2 Days `Til Midnight Happy Hour (12/29/2000)
30 Days `Til Midnight Happy Hour (12/1/2000)
Rock Bottom Anniversary with Society Ties (8/30/2000)
Grand Opening of New Ozio (7/20/2000)
Dinner for 100 with Society Ties (4/4/2000)
First Party of the Millennium Year (1/1/2000)



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