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Date: Dec 16 2000 19:17:41 EST
From: SCP Reminder List 2000
Subject: The R-e-a-l Millennium Party: 2000 SCP Fedewa New Year's Eve Party

             The Hosts & Hostesses of the Event Committee
                  and the Social Club of the Potomac
                  Cordially Invite You to Attend the

                 2000 SCP Fedewa New Year's Eve Party.

          Kim Aduss        Jennifer Fessler     Siobhan Mueller
          Dave Albo          Nyla Hashmi           Alan Reed
         Pamela Allen       Allen Herzberg        John Romano
        David Asiello       Jen Herzberg         Malia Romano
         John Brasse       Giuliana Klesius     Melissa Sabatine
         Karen Dailey        Mike Klesius        Kristy Schantz
         Pete Dailey         Jon Kumnick         Daniel Sheehan
          Ed Dozier          Patricia Lowe       Jennifer Sims
        Claire du Fief        Steve Lowe          Patrick Sims
        Mike Durgavich       Drew Manning        B. J. Sullivan
        Anita Everhart       Mark Maxwell          Larry Tarr
         Eric Fedewa        B. R. McConnon         Jon Tuttle
         John Fedewa       Stephanie Mennen      Rita Von Essen
        Kirsten Fedewa      Sander Mueller         Tom Walker
         Ritika Fedewa                             Mark Washko

                             *    *    *

         Event begins at Nine O'Clock in the Evening, Sunday,
          December Thirty-First, 2000, in the Historic Lobby
                    of the National Postal Museum.

                        Music by Truth Groove.

                   Open Bar. Black Tie Preferred.


    TO COMPLEMENT our champagne service (11:00pm - 1:00am), our
    coffee and tea service (1:00am - 2:00am) and our night-long
    open bar, this New Year's Eve we will feature cuisine
    prepared by Chef Hugo Malone of The Phoenix Park Hotel's
    renowned Powerscourt Restaurant.

   Executive Chef Malone joined The Phoenix Park Hotel staff
    three years ago, bringing with him vast culinary experience.
    Chef Malone holds a Degree in Culinary Arts from the New
    England Culinary Institute in Mount Pelier, Vermont, home to
    one of the hottest kitchens in the USA.

    Chef Malone trained with Maitre Cusinier Robert Greault at
    Capitol Hill's La Colline and Chef Jean Louis Palladin at
    The Watergate Hotel. He was also Sous Chef at the Prince
    Michel Vineyard Restaurant, the Restaurant Bouris in
    Rosporden, France, and Kinkhead's Restaurant in Washington.

    For a sampling of what the total, final presentation will be,
    please see http://www.scp.org/2000/cuisine.html.

                             *    *    *

    EVENT TICKETS are available now at http://www.scp.org/2000/
    for $99.00 per person. Valid Proof of Age will be required
    at the door and no one born after December 31, 1979, will be
    admitted into the event. Tickets are not transferable.

    Please be advised that absolutely no tickets will be sold at
    the door. GSA and Capitol Hill Police will be on hand to help
    our staff turn away anyone attempting to crash this party.
    Tickets are not transferable and ticket numbers will be
    cross-referenced with the master guest list.

    Prepaid tickets will be available for pick-up from 7:00pm
    until 8:30pm, Wednesday, December 20th, at the Dubliner.
    Additional dates will be made known as needed; prices will be
    increased without further notice. Please contact your Host or
    Hostess via http://www.scp.org/2000/hosts.html for details.

                             *    *    *

    WITH A FAT BRASS SECTION, wicked bass, great male and female
    vocals, and a guy who plays dual trumpets, every soul is
    stirring when Truth Groove is on stage offering up their
    potent mix of bohemian and very cosmopolitan funk.

    Truth Groove plays a hybrid of funk, jazz, rap and rock,
    often with a changing cast of sidemen---and always with an
    unshakably solid beat.

    In this time of partisan divisions, Truth Groove's appeal
    crosses all party lines: An infectiously good time!

    To read reviews from MusicDC.com, The Washington Post, The
    City Paper, and more, see http://www.scp.org/2000/band.html.

                             *    *    *

    FOLLOWING IN OUR TRADITION of events at upscale, historic
    venues worthy of a city of monuments, we have selected the
    Historic Lobby of the National Postal Museum as the site of
    this year's event.

    Situated at the west side of Union Station on Capitol Hill
    and bounded by Massachusetts Avenue and North Capitol Street,
    this 14,000SF marble wonder is part of an 850,000SF complex
    that now houses the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum.

    Finished in 1914, the facility served as the City's Central
    Post Office until 1986. An exhaustive 22-month renovation of
    the building---including plumbing, heating, and cooling---was
    completed in 1993. Inside the white granite faade, massive
    marble columns at each entrance give way to the 3-story high
    ceiling and chandeliers of the Grand Hall. Marble floors,
    gilded ceiling patterns, and two rows of alabaster torchieres
    on spiral bronze stems complete this fine example of
    Washington architecture.

    To afford our guests further space and variety, we will also
    utilize the almost-never-used balconies inside the Lobby,
    the paneled back rooms, and the huge parquet studio with a
    view of Massachusetts Avenue and the Phoenix Park Hotel.

    For more, please see http://www.scp.org/2000/site.html.

                             *    *    *

    FOR OVERNIGHT ROOMS and gatherings both before and after the
    main event, we give you the Phoenix Park Hotel---an island
    of hospitality and Old World charm in a sea of franchised

    Named for Dublin's historic Phoenix Park, The Phoenix Park
    Hotel is a mere fifty yards from the event site and has over
    150 rooms. Erected in 1927 as The Commodore Hotel, the hotel
    has long been a gathering spot for travelers, executives,
    lobbyists, and diplomats. The original structure has been
    updated to the latest standards and old-world accents such
    as imported Waterford crystal chandeliers, Celtic rugs,
    tromp I'oeil, Irish linen, and European antiques complement
    the balance of style and convenience.

    Rooms are delightfully furnished with candy-striped wallpaper
    and coordinated drapes, dust ruffles and bedspreads. Poster
    beds are carved in dark woods, and overstuffed armchairs
    complete the cozy picture. Room service, a restaurant, and
    the popular Dubliner bar provide classic cuisine with an
    Irish influence.

    Last year the SCP took over most of the hotel, and this year
    we have the same block of rooms againbut the price has been
    lowered by up to $50 off of last year's rate: The SCP Fedewa
    New Year's Eve Party rates are $129 per night for single
    occupancy ($60 off of the rack rate) and $149 per night for
    double occupancy ($110 off).

    Make your reservations now by calling 1 (800) 824-5419 and
    using group code 8359. For further information, please see

                             *    *    *

    taxis or limousines, but ample parking is available at Union
    Station for those choosing to drive themselves and others as
    a designated driver.

    Amtrak trains run every twenty minutes between New York and
    Union Station, and the area is conveniently connected to the
    Metrorail subway system. Amtrak Metroliner Express trains
    require advance reservations and run on the hour. Contact
    Amtrak (http://www.amtrak.com) at 1 (800) 872-7245 for rate
    schedules and details.

                             *    *    *

    THE SOCIAL CLUB OF THE POTOMAC was formed to maintain the
    annual Fedewa New Year's Eve party and to promote other
    community events of interest to our colleagues, family,
    friends, friends-of-friends, and alumni of area and regional
    colleges and universities.

    Past New Year's Eve parties have been held at Union Station,
    the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, the National Museum of Women
    in the Arts, the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City, the McLean
    Gardens Ballroom, and the Hotel Washington Rooftop Terrace
    and Ballroom. Before that The Party was in the basement, the
    garage, and all throughout the Fedewa house.

    Other SCP events have been held at Rock Bottom Ballston, Mike
    Bakers, Hotel Washington, Starboard (Dewey Beach), Thompsons
    Boat House, Rhodeside Grill, Music City Roadhouse, Tortilla
    Coast, King Pepper, Head's, Clarendon Grill, Sequoia, the
    Dubliner, Georgetown Station, and Ozio.

                             *    *    *

    AS A VOLUNTEER-RUN 501(c)(7) organization, first and foremost
    we try to keep prices to our events as low as possible so
    that our extended network of friends, alumni, and colleagues
    can afford to attend frequently. We have no paid staff and we
    make no profit off of event guests.

    But we also believe in helping good causes, so this year we
    will again be making a donation of any proceeds above cost to
    one of our favorite charities, The Campagna Center.

    The Campagna Center serves children and families in need. For
    over 50 years, The Campagna Center has provided safe havens
    for families in Alexandria, Virginia.

    The Center supplies a boost for pre-schoolers, special care
    for latch-key children, crisis intervention for troubled
    teens, meaningful opportunities for older persons, and
    tutoring and mentoring for underachievers.

    Throughout the year the SCP supports other, select charities
    by helping to increase attendance at their own fund-raising
    events through the use of SCP communications and by asking
    for small, optional donations at select SCP events throughout
    the year. Past events and SCP communications have benefited
    the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Leukemia Society of
    America, and Children's Hospice International, the American
    Heart Association, and the Smithsonian Institution.


SCP Fedewa New Year's Eve Party.ics

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