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SCP Reminder List 2000 Home Page: Archive: Message #17

Date: Oct 19 2000 17:48:06 EDT
From: SCP Reminder List 2000
Subject: Irish Hospitality: The R-e-a-l Millennium Party Hotel . . .


 CONTENTS:   The Hotel for The R-e-a-l Millennium Party
             SCP Events Leading Up to the Millennium


 50 yards . . .

 That's how far you'll have to walk to get to the Main Event from the
 hotel we have selected to complement our New Year's Eve Party at the
 Historic Lobby of the National Postal Museum.

 It's the best of both worlds: For the Party, the classic architecture
 and unique Washington appeal of a renovated national treasure; and,
 for overnight rooms and gatherings both before and after the Party,
 we give you the Phoenix Park Hotel---an island of hospitality and Old
 World charm in a sea of franchised uniformity. 

 Like the Historic Lobby, the Phoenix Park Hotel was also recently 
 renovated and expanded, and a full $11M went toward bringing this
 unique 1920s building up to 21st century standards.

 The Phoenix Park Hotel has 150 rooms and is beautifully decorated in
 an elegant style reminiscent of an 18th-century Irish manor, with
 accents such as imported Waterford crystal chandeliers, Celtic rugs,
 tromp I'oeil, Irish linen, and European antiques. Room service, a
 restaurant, and the popular Dubliner bar provide classic cuisine with
 an Irish influence.

 Last year the SCP took over most of the hotel, and this year we have
 the same block of rooms again---but the price has been lowered by
 up to $50 off of last year's rate! The SCP Fedewa New Year's Eve
 Party rates are $129 for single occupancy ($60 off of the rack rate)
 and $149 for double occupancy ($110 off of the rack rate).

 You can make your reservations now by calling 1 (800) 824-5419 and
 using group code 8359.

 Just downstairs from our block of rooms at the Phoenix Park Hotel
 is the Dubliner. Established in 1974, the Dubliner has become a
 veritable Washington institution in a city where bars come and go
 with the latest fads.

 Over the years, the Dubliner has expanded to become a hub of Irish
 hospitality in America, welcoming guests who recognize that, in the
 words of the great Irish statesman Daniel O'Connell,

     "The hospitality of an Irishman springs---like all of
      his qualities, his faults, and his virtues---directly
      from his heart."

 For those staying at the hotel, breakfast is served at the Dubliner
 from 7:00am to 10:30am, and drinks are available from the bar after
 11:00am. Try Old Dubliner Amber Ale---an SCP favorite---or the new
 Dubliner Irish Lager, brewed especially for the Dubliner and first
 poured t-o-d-a-y (10/19/2000)!

 A brunch menu is usually offered from 11:00am to 6:00pm.

 Stay tuned here for further details and ticketing information or
 contact your SCP host or hostess for more.



 12/1: 30 Days `Til Midnight happy hour (tentative)

  1/1: "The Day After" with The Velveteens, at the Dubliner. Back by
       request---by request of the bar (a bar that plays Irish music
       almost every night of the year), by request of our guests, and
       by request of the band---this is an expansion of last year's
       very successful and contagious jam.

 More is on the way! Check our Website at http://www.scp.org later
 for information about events leading up to New Year's Eve 2000.


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