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SCP Reminder List 2000 Home Page: Archive: Message #13

Date: Aug 16 2000 20:23:26 EDT
From: SCP Reminder List 2000
Subject: Tribestock and Rock Bottom Anniversary


 CONTENTS:   Rock Creek on the Potomac?
             Food Available at Tribestock
             Hear Medley of Tribestock Performers
             Tribestock Music Festival (8/26)
             Tribestock Mail-In Reservation Form
           * Rock Bottom Ballston Anniversary with SCP and ST (8/30)
             SCP Events Leading Up to the Millennium


 FROM THE W & M ALUMNI CHAPTER: Rock Creek on the Potomac?

 Haven't been to http://www.tribestock.com lately?

 No, it's not a typo---the Rock Crewing Brewing Company has agreed to
 provide Tribestock guests a variety of six microbrew beers, including
 the 1997 World Champion, Rock Creek Red Ale, plus Rock Creek Gold,
 Patowmack Pale Ale, Potomac River Hefe Weisen, and Mooney's Irish

 Pints will be available for just $2 each (valid Proof of Age

 FROM THE W & M ALUMNI CHAPTER: Food Available at Tribestock

 Here's just some of what vendors will be offering at the event: Cajun
 fried fish, Polish sausage, cheese steaks, buffalo wings, Maryland
 style crab cakes, grilled hot dogs, golden fried shrimp, battered
 fried veggies, "Better Than Boardwalk" fries, sweet potato fries,
 nachos and cheese, cheese fries, Italian Ice, pink lemonade, iced
 tea, bottled water, sodas, funnel cakes, and more!

 Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own food to the event,
 and you may also bring non-alcoholic beverages (due to Virginia ABC
 regulations, beer must be served by the event organizers).


 FROM THE W & M ALUMNI CHAPTER: Hear Medley of Tribestock Performers

 Got a recent version of RealPlayer? If so, you can hear a medley of
 tracks from bands playing at the Tribestock Music Festival. Just
 click http://www.tribestock.com/2000/SMIL/medley02.ram. If not,
 you can download the free software at http://www.real.com/player/.

 Watch and listen and you'll find yourself buying your tickets to
 Tribestock today!



 Bring a blanket, bring a frisbee, bring some sunscreen, bring a dog
 or a puppy---but don't miss Tribestock!

 You may have already heard about this great summer gathering, but
 if not, here are the details:

            WHAT?  Tribestock Music Festival
                   (featuring Gonzo's Nose, The Velveteens,
                   Consider The Source, buttersong, MAN MOUNTAiN jr,
                   and The Buddy System)

            WHEN?  Saturday, August 26th, 2000, from noon until dark,
                   Rain or shine.

            WHERE? Jones Point Park
                   Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

            COST?  $15 (rising to $20; group discounts available).
                   Proceeds benefit music education. Tickets
                   available online at Tribestock Website.

 From ska to punk rock, from pop to soul, from hip hop to classic
 rock, from---oh, you get the picture! This event features several
 of the area's most popular club bands, so you don't need to be a
 rocket scientist to see that this will be a hit! Gonzo's Nose,
 recently returned from its USO tour and write-up in the Post, will
 close the show; The Velveteens, buttersong, MAN MOUNTAiN jr, and
 Consider The Source have all just finished and/or released new CDs
 (many sound clips are available on the Tribestock Website).

 With its view of the Potomac, and its lawn and covered picnic areas,
 Jones Point Park has plenty of room---but regulations prevent us
 from selling an infinite amount of tickets, so don't wait too long
 to get your's!

 Questions? Visit http://www.tribestock.com or contact John Fedewa at


 FROM THE W & M ALUMNI CHAPTER: Tribestock Ticket Mail Order Form

 Do not mail after 8/21/2000. Tickets also available online at

 Please read the Terms and Conditions below before proceeding.

 The Chapter is not responsible for checks lost in the mail or
 delivered late. Checks should be made payable to "Greater Metro DC
 Chapter" and mailed to:
      Nicole Panagopoulos
      REF: Tribestock
      5535 Columbia Pike, Apt. 306
      Arlington, Virginia 22204

 Please complete all fields using clear, legible strokes.
      E-mail Address        

      Daytime Phone Number        
      Quantity   Tribestock Earlybird Admission (4 Ticket Bundle):
      Ordered    $45.00 for four adults or children 12 years of age
                 and older (children under 12 years of age will be
                 admitted without charge). Tickets will be available
                 at gate and will not be mailed. Tribestock will be
                 held rain or shine.

      Quantity   Tribestock Earlybird Admission (2 Ticket Bundle):
      Ordered    $25.00 for two adults or children 12 years of age
                 and older (children under 12 years of age will be
                 admitted without charge). Tickets will be available
                 at gate and will not be mailed. Tribestock will be
                 held rain or shine.

      Quantity   Tribestock Earlybird Admission Ticket: $15.00 for
      Ordered    one adult or child 12 years of age or older
                 (children under 12 years of age will be admitted
                 without charge). Tickets will be available at gate
                 and will not be mailed. Tribestock will be held
                 rain or shine.


    $ ____________
      Total Amount
 I agree to abide by all applicable laws of the City of Alexandria,
 the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the United States of America, as
 well as park regulations, even if they are not explicitly stated
 herein. Furthermore, I accept that any guests receiving tickets
 purchased through this sale are automatically bound by the terms of
 this transaction. I understand that any violation of the terms of
 this sale will, at a minimum, result in my expulsion from the
 grounds without refund, and that my guest(s) may also be subject to
 expulsion without refund, and that other penalties and/or fines may
 be assessed.

 I understand that valid Proof of Age will be required at concession
 stands serving beer, wine, or liquor, and that no one born after
 August 26, 1979, will be served alcoholic beverages or allowed to
 consume alcoholic beverages.

 Refunds must be requested not later than four (4) days prior to the
 event and will only be credited to the ordering party upon
 presentation of a valid receipt. Transaction and processing costs of
 three dollars ($3.00) per guest will be subtracted from each credit.



 Our first event with Society Ties early last September was also one
 of the very first at the brand new Rock Bottom Brewery at Ballston
 Commons. It was huge success, and the place was pleasantly packed.

 To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their grand opening, Rock
 Bottom is having a big party, and they have asked us to help them
 spread the word and have selected Society Ties as the beneficiary
 of event proceeds. They will have great beer specials and live
 music. So, after work on Wednesday, August 30th, the place to begin
 your slide to the Labor Day weekend will definitely be Rock Bottom

 Further information will be sent out closer to the event, but mark
 your calendars now!



 In 1999, while other parties cancelled, we sold out in record time.
 In fact, we never even had a chance to send out invitations via
 e-mail or postal mail!

 Stay tuned here and check our Website at http://www.scp.org/2000/ 
 later for information about events leading up to New Year's Eve 2000.


 DISCLAIMER: The preceding event message was brought to you as a
             service of the SCP to the public. The SCP receives no
             consideration for such communications, and it accepts no
             liability for matters relating to the administration of
             this event.

             Formed to promote community events, the SCP is a
             501(c)(7) non-profit, non-stock Virginia corporation,
             and SCP event proceeds benefit charity. Past SCP events
             have been held at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium,
             McLean Gardens, Mike Bakers, Hotel Washington, Ozio,
             Starboard (Dewey Beach), Thompsons Boat House, Rhodeside
             Grill, Music City Roadhouse, King Pepper, Tortilla Coast,
             Head's, Clarendon Grill, the National Museum of Women in
             the Arts, and America at Union Station.


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