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SCP Reminder List 2000 Home Page: Archive: Message #10

Date: Jul 05 2000 14:26:58 EDT
From: SCP Reminder List 2000
Subject: 7/20 = SCP Mid-Year Happy Hour at New Ozio


 CONTENTS:   Mid-Year Happy Hour at the New Ozio (7/20)
             SCP Events Leading Up to the Millennium
             Note on the SCP2000 List


 Mid-Year Happy Hour at the New Ozio (7/20)

                                                     As seen in the 
                                                      Monthly Buzz!

 What are you planning to do on Thursday, July 20th?

 Why not help the SCP re-open Ozio in grand style at its amazing new
 4-story 12,000SF location at 1813 M Street NW?

 A floor by floor guided tour will have you raising glasses and
 sampling new delicacies with new friends and old. 

            WHEN?  Thursday July 20th, 2000 from 6:00pm
                   (see online information for exact schedule)

            WHERE? Ozio Martini & Cigar Lounge
                   1813 M Street NW
                   Washington, DC

            COST?  $6 (to benefit local charity)

 Loyal patrons of the former K Street lounge will not be disappointed
 as the first floor features the original art deco bar and maintains
 the invitingly retro design with the addition of Italian yellow onyx
 design elements.  

 Each floor has its own distinctive atmosphere and features original
 works of local artists.

 The second floor features the main dining room, a dance floor and
 "The Brick Room." The Brick Room is a den-like lounge-within-a-lounge,
 complete with humidor, wine lockers, several couches surrounding the
 room's two fireplaces, a fountain, and a waterfall.

 A $6 donation gets you free wine and hors d'oeuvres from from 6:00pm
 until 7:00pm---plus a complimentary cocktail, and a tour of the new

 Spaces are limited. See http://www.scp.org/ozio.html for more.

 Mark your calendars now!



 Last year's very popular event was a great trial run for the party to
 ring in the real Millennium, and this year's bash will be a worthy

 In 1999, other parties cancelled while we sold out in record time.
 In fact, we never even had a chance to send out invitations via
 e-mail or postal mail!

 Stay tuned here and check our Website at http://www.scp.org/2000/ 
 often for information about events leading up to New Year's Eve 2000.


 NOTE:       If you are receiving this message as a forwarded note,
             please take a moment now to add yourself now to SCP2000,
             the SCP e-mail list for 2000. Go to our e-mail list page
             at http://www.scp.org/list.html and follow the directions
             to subscribe yourself---it's free! If you are prompted
             for a password and do not know what your password is,
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             Last year's very successful list, SCP1999, was comprised
             of almost 1,600 subscribers from all over the country.
             The SCP2000 list was created to refresh our database of
             e-mail addresses and to update venue preference data. All
             SCP1999 list members were automatically unsubscribed when
             the old list was decommissioned.

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