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SCP Reminder List 2000 Home Page: Archive: Message #5

Date: Mar 19 2000 17:04:50 EST
From: SCP Reminder List 2000
Subject: 3/25 = HeartThrob Ball 2000 at Ronald Reagan Building!


 Message forwarded from the AHA HeartThrob Ball Host Committee:

                                                      As seen in
                                                   The Monthly Buzz

                                                     and heard on
                                                     WHFS 99.1 FM

                     Join us as the curtain rises
                      on our long-awaited sequel!

          Announcing this year's nominee for BEST PARTY, the

   T h i r t e e n t h   A n n u a l   H e a r t T h r o b   B a l l

                      Saturday, March 25th, 2000
                           8:00pm - 1:00am

                      International Trade Center 
                        Ronald Reagan Building
                     1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
                            Washington, DC

                             *    *    *

                            Silent Auction
                               Open Bar
                              Black Tie
                     Tastings by Area Restaurants

                     Official After-hours Party at
                           Shelly's Back Room

                             Music by the

                          V e l v e t e e n s


                         Eastern Standard Time



                         Proceeds benefit the
                      American Heart Association
                     National Capital Area Council

                        Tickets $80 In Advance
                      ($95 At Door If Available)


 The HeartThrob Ball is one of the most successful charity fundraiser
 events in the Washington, DC area. This black tie party is firmly
 established on the Washington social calendar and last year's event
 attracted over 1,500 guests from the area's legal, financial, medical,
 and government communities---all while raising money to help the
 American Heart Association in their fight against heart disease and

 In Washington art usually imitates our reality, but next weekend the
 tables are turned: This year we've looked West to Hollywood for
 inspiration, and we offer you a taste of the panache, the pizazz, and
 the Ritz of the famous HeartThrobs of the silver screen. Everywhere
 you look you'll see the cues and cuts of heroes, heroines, moments,
 and sets immortalized in popular culture.

 Not a movie buff? Not a problem! Come out to enjoy a great party for
 a superb cause at a time of year when cherry blossoms bloom, when
 rekindled flames shake off the cold of winter and flicker again, and
 when the roots of new romance find water.

                             *    *    *

 The event will take place again this year at the colossal Ronald
 Reagan Building, a landmark in its own right in a city of monuments
 (see http://yp.washingtonpost.com/E/V/WASDC/0024/89/58/cs1.html for
 more on this impressive structure).

 This year's committee members and hosts are committed to continuing
 the tradition of upgrading and updating the Ball, and building on
 the great record of success this event has enjoyed, and we have
 taken significant steps to ensure an easy flow of stars, fans, and
 paparazzi throughout the facility, and quick service at the twenty-
 plus bars.

 Be sure to stop by and check out the cast of characters at the
 Breakfast at Tiffany's Champagne Bar and try a special new Tanqueray
 Gin at the 007 Martini Bar!

 Valet parking is available, but we recommend you make use of public
 transportation (the Reagan Building is above the Federal Triangle
 Metrorail station) and taxicabs (for detailed information about the
 area cab system, see http://dcpages.com/Travel/Reviews/taxi.shtml).

                             *    *    *

 Got music? Stomp, swing, clap, and groove to the uniquely contagious
 dance music of the Velveteens at the 2000 HeartThrob Ball. Their
 horns, their drums, their guitars, their keyboards, and their kicks
 will make you a fan too (for a recent Washington Post review of the
 band, see http://yp.washingtonpost.com/E/E/WASDC/0001/60/92/).

 The Velveteens are the latest great act from the fertile musical
 soil of Williamsburg, Virginia, and the College of William and Mary.
 In little over a year since relocating to the Nation's Capital the
 band has recorded two CDs and has earned a backlog of gigs and are
 already a staple at several of the area's most popular venues.

 Ten pieces strong, the Velveteens are led by the frenetic Wilson
 Rickerson. Ben Miller plays lead guitar alongside band members
 Julie Cleveland (keyboard, flute), Todd Stevens (bass), Blake
 Surbey (drums), Timothy Shaw (trumpet), Matt Larsen (trombone),
 T.J. Walls (trombone), Ryan Perroy (baritone saxophone, tenor
 saxophone), and Martha Koch (alto saxophone). See band member bios
 at http://www.thevelveteens.com/bios.html.

 The Velveteens are more than a band---they're a show; and they know
 how to work a crowd. 

 THREE BANDS? The hip sounds of Washington's own, Eastern Standard
 Time (http://www.EasternStandardTime.com) and the smooth Latin
 rhythms of Bossalingo (http://www.Bossalingo.com) will start off
 the evening with healthy doses of Bossa Nova, Samba, Salsa, Jazz,
 Ska, Soul, Funk, Reggae, and more---fused together to defy labeling.

                             *    *    *

 AFTER THE SHOW, wind down the night with fellow revelers at the
 official HeartThrob Ball afterhours party at Shelly's Back Room

 Located just near the Reagan Building at 1331 F Street NW, this is
 a bar with great cigars for those who want them---and a great state-
 of-the-art ventilation system for those don't. Brandy snifters,
 designer martini glasses, leather chairs, humidor lined walls, and
 diverse music provide atmosphere; tasty food, skillfully mixed
 drinks, and microbrewed beer supply the rest.

                             *    *    *

 Food, drink, music, dancing, and merriment are not the only acts we
 have to offer: Bid on exciting HeartThrob Ball Silent Auction items

      o a six day, five night stay for two at Club Med in
        Punta Canta in the Dominican Republic (FMV $1200);

      o a two night weekend stay in a luxury king at The
        Regency at Loews Hotel on Park Avenue in New York
        City (FMV $1100);

      o a two night weekend stay for two at Loews Hotel
        Vogue in Montreal (FMV $535);

      o an authentic Orioles home jersey signed by future
        Hall of Fame legend, Cal Ripken Jr. (FMV $600);

 and dozens of other great listings!

                             *    *    *

 The last opportunity to purchase HeartThrob Ball tickets in person
 will be at the Clarendon Grill (http://www.cgrill.com), Monday,
 March 20th, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. As at our previous prelude events,
 tickets will be offered for $75 ($5 off).

 $80 tickets to the 2000 HeartThrob Ball are available online at
 http://www.HeartThrobBall.com. You may also use the attached reply
 form (in Adobe Acrobat format) to fax in your order. Phone orders
 can be placed by calling the AHA at (202) 686-6888.

 The critics are giving this sequel to last year's blockbuster success
 "Two Thumbs Up", so don't wait for this one to come out on video:
 Buy your tickets now and experience it live!



    Sid Fuchs


    James Maas
      Chairman Emeritus

    Khristie Andrus        Mary Duden             Kim Hudson
    Brian Block            Joseph Facciola        Sharon Jenks
    Andrew Clark           John Fedewa            Patricia Lamano
    Anne Coughlin          Suzy Glucksman         Omar Vargas
    Andrea Croot           Heather Henderson      Tom Walker


    Charlie Adler          John Fedewa            Elizabeth Martin
    Ladan Ahdieh           Pamela Fisher          Lynsay Matthews
    Pamela Allen           Doug Fletcher          Bruce McBarnette
    Khristie Andrus        Lora Forbes            Elizabeth McNamee
    Cassie Angus           Sidney Fuchs           Joanne Mistove
    Laura Bachurski        Joy Fujimori           Francesca Monoki
    Vivian Baran           Michelle Gagnon        Carolyn Nader
    Stephanie Basil        Rebecca Gentry         Tom ODonnell
    Maria Basile           Sid Ghatak             Karen Ortega
    Marcia Bernstein       Laurie Gibson          Danielle Oxendine
    Brian Block            Suzy Glucksman         Chris Parks
    Catherine Bloss        Michelle Goldstein     Yogesh Patel
    Janet Bowers           Lora Grant             Anthony Puglisi
    Dana Boyd              Sarah Grigsby          Melissa Read
    Tammy Britt            Karen Groppe           Alan Reed
    Ivy Brown              Steve Gross            Kera Reichert
    Susan Brown            Darren Guillot         Jennifer Roberts
    Lori Bunce             Kate Heffley           Pamela Roberts
    Angelo Buscemi         Heather Henderson      Mark Rothman
    Mary Carlson           Frank Hodo             Debbie Sands
    Lara Chamberlain       Kim Hudson             Katherine Schneider
    Rob Chamberlin         Basilia B.B. Huff      Jeff Senger
    Dawnita Chandler       Jonnell Jacobson       Colleen Shellenberger
    Kathi Chirichiello     Alisen James           Kelly Sischka
    Kirstyn Choyce         Sharon Jenks           Lynda Slagen
    Andrew Clark           Katharine Johnson      Elizabeth Smith
    Robert Cole            Debbie Johnson         Michael Sosler
    Jill Collat            Linda Johnson          Pam Soule
    Ronda Collins          Sara Kantorik          Kristin Spaulding
    Christine Cornell      Mary Claire Kendall    Nicole Stoner
    Anne Coughlin          Rena Kim               Mary Supley
    Andrea Croot           Lyle Kimms             Wesley Tuck
    Rachael DeCosta        Lisa Kothari           Wendy Van Der Hoorn
    Krista DePaul          Lydia Kupersmith       Ada Vargas
    Val Despard            Emily Labrada          Omar Vargas
    Cheryl Dittore         Russell Lacey          Tom Walker
    Katherine Draper       Patricia Lamano        Jennifer Walters
    David Drescher         Judy Lance             Mark Washko
    Michele Duchin         Linda Langeland        Jennifer Watt
    Mary Duden             Gina Lee               Suzannah Weeks
    Pamela Ellis           Helga Luest            Jane Weissman
    Anita Everhart         James Maas             Karen Williams
    Joseph Facciola        Drew Manning           Chase Wollenhaupt
    Paul Faust                                    Alexa Zevitas

 GRAND PARTNERS            Capital One
                           Lockheed Martin
                           Lucent Technologies, Government Solutions

 PARTNERS                  Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
                           Ourisman Honda
                           Rosenthal Automotive
                           Virgin Atlantic Airways

 TASTINGS BY               Ace Beverage
                           Bambule Brasserie
                           Bobby Van's Steakhouse
                           Bread & Chocolate
                           Cafe Ole
                           The Coca-Cola Company
                           Constantine Wines
                           Felix Lounge
                           Freixenet USA
                           Fresh Fields
                           Georgia Browns
                           Havana Breeze
                           International Trade Center
                           Maggiano's Little Italy
                           National Beer Wholesalers Association
                           New Heights
                           Palomino Euro Bistro
                           Phillips Seafood Restaurant
                             and Buffet Flagship
                           Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery

 CONTRIBUTORS              Andrews Reproduction Centers
                           Bird's Florist
                           Corporate Press
                           Eye Design and Marketing Inc.
                           Signs Plus 
                           Techrite Services of Washington, DC
                           The Monthly Buzz
                           Tickets for a Cause

                             *    *    *

 The mission of the American Heart Association is the reduction of
 disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Heart
 disease is the number one killer in the District of Columbia and
 the nation. Diseases of the heart kill more people than cancer,
 diabetes and AIDS combined, and it is only through the continued
 support of qualified research projects and tailored educational
 opportunities that we will bridge the gap between current knowledge
 and future lifesaving techniques.

 The American Heart Association, National Capital Area Council is a
 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. All contributions
 over the fair market value are tax-deductible as provided by law.

 For further information on the HeartThrob Ball---including silent
 auction information, visit http://www.HeartThrobBall.com or contact
 the American Heart Association at (202) 686-6888.

 An Adobe Acrobat copy of the official HeartThrob Ball invitation is
 available online at http://www.HeartThrobBall.com/htb2000.pdf.

 OK! Lights . . . camera . . . ACTION!



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