Live Music by Truth Groove

NO DIMPLED CHAD or split decision here: Truth Groove is our band! With a fat brass section, wicked bass, great male and female vocals, and a guy who plays dual trumpets, every soul is stirring when Truth Groove is on stage offering up their potent mix of bohemian and very cosmopolitan funk.

Truth Groove rips out funk covers playing Parliament, James Brown and other classics . . . Even the Godfather himself would have a funky good time!

Boyishly handsome drummer Tommy Barrack plays with three other local bands . . . Trumpeter Donald Tillery often plays two horns at once; he has backed up James Brown and Chuck Brown and leads the group through some unbelievable jams. Not to be outdone, Eric Hudson plays four horns at once, in addition to handling the keyboards.   . . .   Guitarist Todd Unger radiates an irresistible energy and an infectious grin.

Do you want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Because the truth is right here, baby—the TRUTH GROOVE. We caught up with Truth Groove at the very stylish Felix in Adams-Morgan. . . . And this night found a particularly formidable lineup propelling the unshakable groove into the street. In addition to Michael Harris (guitar), Dajando Burzello-Smith (bass, keys, guitar, programming), Dag Lohmann (sax), and Rebecca Levin (violin), go-go legends Tillery on trumpet (he's played with James Brown), and Rickey "Sugarfoot" Wellman—the man who kept the beat on all of Chuck Brown's seminal hits and a few of Miles Davis'—were in the house.   . . .   [Recently] the band opened for Lisa Loeb and played the Grammy party in NYC.

-Washington City Paper

"The whole idea about Truth Groove is that everyone in the world is in the band," says frontman, Laurence "Stitch" Rassin. Well, it seems like all of Washington is into the band.

We get at least 20 calls a week [from people checking] to see if Truth Groove's playing,' says Felix owner Allen Popovsky. The band plays a hybrid of funk, jazz, rap and rock, often with a changing cast of sidemen. . . .

Truth Groove's appeal crosses all party lines: They're in with the political crowd and with the swingers who hang out at Felix.

-The Washington Post

Actually, the truth is that Stevie Wonder dropped in to jam with the band at a recent gig, as have Ron Holloway and a long list of music greats, and that probably says more than anything else we could write—so join us December 31st and get into the groove!

Truth Groove


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